Prices & Ordering Information
Item Price Color Quantity Total
Dinner Plate $54.00      
Lunch Plate $32.00      
Soup Bowl $32.00      
Pasta Bowl $36.00      
Cereal Bowl $23.00      
Small Bowl $16.00      
Tea Cup $20.00      
Saucer $16.00      
Juice Cup $16.00      
Goblet $29.00      
Tumbler $29.00      
Tall Mug $29.00      
Stein $36.00      
Coaster $12.00      
Teapot $190.00      
Large Serving Bowl $190.00      
Medium Serving Bowl $75.00      
Vegetable Serving Bowl $48.00      
Large Souffle $58.00      
Medium Souffle $42.00      
Small Souffle $24.00      
Large Popcorn Bowl $68.00      
Medium Popcorn Bowl $48.00      
Small Popcorn Bowl $24.00      
Large Pitcher (one gallon) $120.00      
Medium Pitcher (half gallon) $72.00      
Wine Decanter (1.3 liter) $100.00      
Butter Cup $16.00      
Large Vase $75.00      
Medium Vase $48.00      
Small Vase $24.00      
Mini Vase $12.00      
Oil Lamp $29.00      
Round Mug $23.00      

Purchase of 4 or more place settings 10% off-Ask about current Sale Events

*** prices include ground shipping ***

All pottery is made to order. Our gallery is loaded with pottery, but if you are not able to visit us, we can make it and ship it anywhere. We especially like to talk with our customers, so call our gallery at 919-858-6264 or via Skype contact coopermays and we'll be glad to answer any questions and take your order. For the online shoppers that already know what they want, just cut and paste the order form in email:

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